What are Dental Implants and Why Would you Need Them?

dental implantsA beautiful smile is important for making a great first impression, but they don’t always last. So, what do you do when you lose one? It can make you feel awkward and insecure, but what options do you have? Should you go with a bridge? Is a denture better? What about a dental implant? Dental implants can be confusing when you are learning about them. But, there is no reason to panic! They are much easier than dentures and bridges, and there is minimal pain involved.

Dental implants

Dental implants are metal posts that the dentist inserts into your mouth (which act as a “root”) and covered with a crown and abutment. The abutment is like a cap that goes on top of the post, and the crown is the part you see. That is the part that looks like a tooth. The abutment is the “go-between” that keeps them together. That makes it appear to be a regular tooth! The process of inserting the implant sounds much worse than it is. There is only a little pain if any at all. There will be a bit of soreness, but only for a few days.

Losing teeth as an adult may feel more urgent, as there will be no teeth replacing them. It can also be uncomfortable physically and emotionally. Some people feel uncomfortable with dentures and removing bridges. Dental implants are a great option that requires a little less care. Essentially, they are just like your teeth, and you wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do. It’s just business as usual!

Why would they be used?

There are times that your dentist might suggest an implant versus a bridge or denture. It may fit your lifestyle better, or they might think it will look better. If you lead an active way of life, dentures and bridges may be a nuisance. Perhaps the implant would fit better or be easier for you than removing a denture or bridge from a small area. This tends to be the case if there is only one tooth missing. Dental implants are also the best option, long term. They don’t require as much care as a bridge, which still wouldn’t last much more than ten years. An implant might need some adjustments or a little extra care once in a while, but should last a lifetime!

Dental implants are the only restoration option that stimulates healthy bone! Leaving a space in your mouth can deteriorate your jawbone. Bridges and dentures can feel awkward when you are speaking or may move around. That isn’t a problem with dental implants. They are stationary and will only move around if something is wrong and an adjustment is needed. A face that is missing teeth may appear sad and saggy. Dental implants can help you regain your face shape and appear more natural and happy.

How Long Do They Last?

They can last a lifetime if cared for properly. And that is the beauty of dental implants. You care for them as you would any other teeth. Brush your teeth the same, eat the same, live the same day to day life that you normally would. Maintain any recreational activities and the crunchy diets that go with them! Occasionally you might need an adjustment, but only if something is wrong or uncomfortable. And that occurrence is once in a blue moon. They tend to be made of ceramic or porcelain. The material lasts much longer than teeth, will not cavity and is easier to care for than your teeth. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is important, and your dental implant wouldn’t change that routine at all.

What are the Risks?

That’s something you will want to speak to your dentist regarding. There isn’t a lot that can go wrong, but there are a lot of factors involved. Perhaps dental implants aren’t for you and dentures are the way to go. Maybe you don’t even need your tooth removed. Setting an appointment with your dentist is the best way to get answers to your questions. That will ensure that any relevant factors are taken into consideration. They can take a look at your teeth, see what is needed and you can ask any questions you may have.

Dental implants have come a long way and, in the process, have become an option that fits more needs. It is also an excellent way to make sure that you can continue in the life you’re used to and want to maintain! If you want more information about them, check this page.

It is a good idea to see photos of dental implants. They will help you understand the difference a dental implant can make and if it’s a good fit for you. Look at these before and after photos for an idea of what to expect and the difference it can make!