Why You May Need to See a Delray Beach Periodontist

Everyone wants their teeth to look the best they possibly can. Though some go to greater lengths than others to make that happen, in the end the end goal remains the same. Featuring white and straight teeth makes one look more appealing, and healthier to boot. Nearly everyone sees a dentist, while many see orthodontists as well. Where the extra work can be put in, however, is in the other services offered by those seeking to ensure your teeth look as best as they possibly can. For this, you may wish to consider seeing a Delray Beach Periodontist.

We understand if you do not know what a Periodontist is. Periodontists work in a more specialized way than dentists or orthodontists. This makes their practice less known to the common day to day adult, though Periodontists deserve more attention. The work Periodontists do go a long way towards keeping your teeth looking the way you wish for them to look. Let’s look further at Periodontists and why you may wish to consider seeing a Delray Beach Periodontists.

Why You May Need to See a Delray Beach Periodontist

Specialized Care

While dentists and orthodontists do tremendous work, they cannot cover every detail of your dental health alone. Various factors exist that you may not know about, or may not be receiving proper treatment for. This is where the specialists come in and shine. Periodontists dedicate their careers towards studying and preventing periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a gum disease that if left untreated, can have grave consequences on the short and long term health of your gums and teeth. Where periodontists specialize is finding the issues before they can cause their damage. Once identified, the next steps prevent and treat the issues through the work of the Periodontists. Periodontists are also well-versed in performing dental implants.

What’s the Difference Between a Dentist And a Periodontist?

Dentists work primarily with teeth, studying how to properly align and clean the teeth. While dentists do cover your gums, they do not specialize in gums, and especially do not specialize in Periodontal Disease. As discussed earlier, periodontal disease can cause short and long term damage to your gums, so having a specialist that has worked throughout their life in finding and preventing such damage is key. Dentists do their best work to optimize your overall dental health, but much like they require the assistance of Orthodontists for the straightness of your teeth, they rely on Periodontists to ensure your gums are being treated the best way they possibly can be.

In fact, the most common way Periodontists are used are when dentists refer patients to them. Should your dentist ever suggest you see a Periodontist, it is imperative that you do so. The dentist will have spotted something worth checking out, and the Periodontist can work to see if it is no issue, a minor issue, or an issue that requires treatment. Remember, you wish to see your teeth treated the best way they possibly can be. Using the team of dental health specialists together works best to do so.

How Do Periodontists Work?

Periodontists work by using their extensive training to ensure optimal treatment for you. They trained specifically for the issues you face, meaning they know what they are doing. Potential solutions include scaling and root planing or root surface debridement. Root planing works to clean the infected surface of the root. Root surface debridement removes damaged tissue.

Before taking any specific actions, Periodontists take a look at your gums as a whole. It’s essential they make their own diagnosis, thus making it possible for them to individualize your treatment. One test Periodontists put patients through sees how the teeth fit together when biting, for example. This tests whether or not any teeth wriggle loose in the process.

Periodontists also use small measuring instruments, place them between the teeth and the gums, and determine the amount of space there. This test determines the health of the gums, a major factor in their work.

Do I Need A Periodontist?

Seeking the help of a Periodontist is an exercise in ensuring you have all bases covered in your dental health. Doing so is an act in going above and beyond, however there are cases where dentists instruct you to see Periodontists. In such cases, it is essential you listen to your dentist and see one. Gum disease can cause major problems for your dental health in the temporary and in the long term. Failing to receive proper treatment is an act in worsening your health, something no one wishes to do.

Luckily, the work Periodontists do manages to be pain free and a seamless process. Patients come out with optimized health care and better gums than ever. Considering the ease of the process and the importance of the work, seeing a Periodontist certainly makes sense.