Teeth X-rays: The Latest Technology Trends in Dentistry

What Is Changing About Teeth X-rays?

One of the most important new advances in modern dentistry is the development of digital teeth X-rays. With digital radiography, we reduce the amount of radiation exposed to the patient. Furthermore, digital teeth X-rays help increase diagnostic efficacy so we may treat our patients accurately. Additionally, it is more environmentally sound. This method of X-ray produces less waste and does not utilize harsh chemicals for development. Finally, digital X-rays are more cost-efficient, making it possible for dentists to provide the best care for people with all budgets.


Cost-Effective Teeth X-rays

Digital X-rays take fewer materials to product. A dentist office using traditional radiography techniques spends upwards of $6000 a year on materials alone. Film-based radiography takes film developer, fixer solutions, holders for the film, and–of course– film, itself. On the other hand, a digital system costs about that much in its entirety. A digital system takes less maintenance and consumables to work. All these numbers come before considering labor. Traditional X-rays take much much labor than digital ones. A digital X-ray’s speed takes fewer working hours and allows dentists to provide diagnoses and analysis quicker for patients.

Environmentally-Friendly Teeth X-rays

If you want to reduce paper and waste in the office, digital dental X-rays help with the transition. Unless you need a photo printout of the X-ray, there is no need to waste paper. Digital X-rays allow dentists to send them to insurance companies, specialists, and other health professionals electronically. Without traditional film-based X-rays, there is no need to store unused film and old radiographs. With digital dental X-rays, you are one step closer to a greener working environment.

Furthermore, Digital X-rays reduce chemical waste. Environmentally responsible practices help save costs and promote a healthy work environment. By eliminating chemicals used in traditional radiography, you work for the patient as well as Mother Earth.

Safer Teeth X-rays

Digital X-rays help patients by reducing the amount of radiation to which we expose them. Studies find digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by up to 80%. Reducing radiation exposure adheres to the ALARA principle, or, As Low As Reasonably Achievable. The less exposure to radiation for a patient, the less likely it affects them negatively.

Furthermore, digital X-rays allow dentists to make better diagnoses. The more accurate we are with care, the healthier patients are. With digital X-rays, technicians can magnify, sharpened enhance images for a clearer picture. Additionally, digital radiography is more cost-effective. Therefore, dentists can make more images to compare and contrast. Today, dentists superimpose images taken at separate times then use computers to emphasize where changes occurred. With the superimposing technique, the dentist may see where changes in the root canal, fillings, or restoration occur in a more clear manner.

Quicker Teeth X-rays

Waiting for a diagnosis is stressful enough. With digital dental X-rays, you receive results quicker. Digital radiography takes a fraction of the time its predecessor took. The older method of dental radiography took up to 10 minutes to develop one image. Multiply that by how many patients a dentist sees in a day, and an office needs a full-time developer just to stay on top of the work.

Why are the older versions of Teeth X-rays bad?

If your view of older X-rays includes the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” you may be unimpressed with the benefits of digital X-rays. However, its accuracy enhances the various advantages of digital radiography.  Digital resolution beats the blurriness of manual developing any day. With digital developing, dentists see the important, minute details.

At the end of the day, your dentist strives to provide you with the best level of care with excellent service. Using technology such as digital dental X-rays allow your dentist to treat and care for all patients in a time-efficient manner. Furthermore, digital X-ray programs save your dentist money, allowing them to pass the savings onto the consumer (that’s you!) Finding a dentist with the technological experience to deliver the highest quality care doesn’t have to be hard. Contact Florida Dental Rejuvenation today by calling 561-203-4716.