Delray Beach Periodontist

What is a Delray Beach Periodontist?

Best Delray Beach Periodontist & Cosmetic Dentistry Caring for the teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth as a whole is a lot more complicated than people realize. Dentists serve as all-purpose practitioners. But there are a number of  Delray Beach dentists who specialize in specific aspects of oral health. And in instances that require extreme or unusual interventions, the help of these specialists can be a huge asset. Read on to find out what a Delray Beach periodontist is and what they do for patients.

What is the Speciality of a Delray Beach Periodontist?

These dentists dedicate their careers to studying and treating periodontal disease, which is better known as gum disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease can have serious long-term consequences that ripple throughout a patient’s body. A Delray Beach periodontist specializes in preventing, identifying, and treating problems with the gums. Many also specialize in dental implants.

How Does a Dentist Become a  Periodontist?

A Delray Beach periodontist will undergo all the same education and training as a dentist. Then they will go on to complete an additional three years of dental school specifically focused on periodontal issues. Once they graduate they are true experts on the subject. They know the best way to resolve common periodontal issues and can find effective means to treat more extreme or rare issues.

Should I See a Delray Beach Periodontist?

Most patients find their way to a Delray Beach periodontist after receiving a recommendation from a dentist. This is because they have chronic or otherwise significant periodontal issues and need more specialized or focused medical attention. Since these periodontists also specialize in dental implants, many people seek them out when they need to replace a missing tooth or some other cosmetic issue that affects their smile. If you suspect that you may benefit from the attention and care of a Delray Beach periodontist, the best bet is to schedule a consultation.

Most patients will never need to see a periodontist. But for those who do, these specialists will provide the highest-levels of treatment for issues that can cause a lot of pain, poor health, and embarrassment. Find a Delray Beach periodontist who is just as committed to your health as you are by calling Florida Dental Rejuvenation at 561-370-6688.