Fix Your Teeth

smiling patientMaintaining healthy teeth and gums is a vital component to achieving a beautiful smile. At Florida Dental Rejuvenation, we incorporate tooth-colored material for inconspicuous fillings and crowns. Before you enhance your smile with treatments such as porcelain veneers or Teeth Whitening, Dr. Alexis Morales recommends beginning with strong, cavity-free teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are made from a composite resin that matches the shade of a natural tooth. After eliminating any decay and cleaning the tooth’s surface, these fillings are bonded into place. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of tooth-colored fillings, the composite resin helps protect your teeth from more complicated dental issues. Unlike silver or mercury amalgam alternatives, which can actually lead to future cracks and gaps that harbor harmful bacteria, tooth-colored fillings can strengthen teeth and prevent cracks while also maintaining the natural appearance of the tooth.

Tooth-Colored (All Porcelain) Crowns

Tooth-colored crowns are designed to protect damaged teeth. Using a porcelain crown (sometimes called a cap) that fits snugly over the compromised tooth, imperfections such as cracks or chips are hidden.

Gum Grafting

For individuals who have had serious gum disease, a certain degree of gum recession is not uncommon. When this occurs, the roots of the teeth can be exposed, leading to a much greater chance of bacterial invasion, progression of periodontal disease, and potential tooth loss. Our Periodontist offers gum grafting treatment to restore lost tissue, prevent further gum loss in the future, and minimize the risk of tooth decay. Gum grafting can also have the added benefit of improving the appearance of your gums, giving you a healthier-looking smile!

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