How To Clean Dental Implants

Just like when you got your dental implants you wanted to make sure the work was done by a professional, cleaning dental implants should be something you always keep in mind. After all your dental implants were an investment and proper maintenance is key to making sure that they last you for the rest of your life.

When you receive a dental implant, the implant itself replaces the tooth root portion with the solid titanium implant. Titanium is used for some reasons, the first being that it is oleophilic which means it “loves bone”. The implants go through a process called osseointegration which means your implant joins with the bone in your jaw. The other reason titanium is the metal in dental implants is because it is easy to maintain and clean.

Essential Tips for Cleaning Dental Implants

The day to day care of your dental implants is most often taken care of in the same fashion as with your regular teeth. While it may seem like a lot of extra time spent taking care of your implant if you follow the below steps your dental implant will remain healthy and active for years to come.

  • You want to make sure that you give particular brushing attention to the sides of your implant. Ensure that you are making circular motions to brush plaque and tartar up and away from the base of the gum
  • Be sure that you do not use an abrasive toothpaste. Ideally, you want to use toothpaste that is below 70 to 80 RDA which stands for Radioactive Dentin Abrasiveness. One way to imagine this scale is a regular toothbrush with water being a four on the RDA scale. Alternatively, a “Super Brightening Tooth Paste” from a favorite brand would land somewhere in the 125-200 range.
  • Also — Flossing remains a key dental implement for cleaning your implants. Flossing can be used to remove hard to reach plaque from between the teeth. It is important to remember that if you feel pain, pressure or bleeding when you are flossing you should let your dentist know asap.

Another crucial step when it comes to maintaining your dental implants is regular dental visits. Our office recommends that you see your dentist at least quarterly for cleanings and X-rays to make sure that your smile is in perfect health.

Complications Involved With Incorrect Cleaning of Dental Implants

If you do not carefully maintain and clean your dental implant you run the risk of many possible dental issues. The most dangerous and shared issue involved with dental implants is an infection. As stated above it is critical that your implants get the same level of care as your natural teeth. This is because dental implants rely on your mouths tissue for support. Just like any other part of your mouth plaque builds around your implants and without daily cleansing. Without the removal of plaque, you may suffer from peri-implantitis which can endanger the attachment of the abutment to the implant. Peri-implantitis can ultimately lead to loss of bone at the base of the implant which can quickly cause you to lose your implant.

If at any time the root replacement part of your implant becomes visible it is important to contact a dentist. Also, you should only have your implant cleaned by a professional if you are unable to see your regular dentist. There is also risk involved should your implant becomes damaged by scratching. The use of highly abrasive equipment can run the risk of causing scratches which harbor infection.

Contact Florida Dental Rejuvenation For More Information On Cleaning Dental Implants

All things considered, when it comes to cleaning dental implants the procedure and methods have gone virtually unchanged over the past decade. The main reason the process remains unchanged is due to the high success rate of dental implants. Some case studies have shown the success of dental implants to be around 95%. Of course, there is always a risk of peri-implant diseases and other dental implant related issues. With the assistance of a professional team like the team at Florida Dental Rejuvenation, you can rest easy that your smile is in good hands.

The team at Florida Dental Rejuvenation is lead by Dr. Alexis Morales who has received numerous accolades in the prosthodontic dental community. Dr. Morales has received worldwide recognition by the Astra Tech World Congress for poster presentation in the birthplace of implant dentistry, Sweden. We know that you take your dental health very seriously and want to make sure that you receive the best care possible. Contact our office today at 561-203-4716 to schedule an appointment.