Delray Beach Emergency Dental Appointment

3 Times You Must Schedule an Emergency Dental Appointment


emergency-dental-appointmentThe last thing you want to do is schedule an emergency dental appointment. It creates an unwelcome expense that comes out of nowhere. Plus it forces you to change your schedule at the last minute, and you have to settle for an appointment time that is never convenient. There is plenty of temptation to try and avoid scheduling an emergency dental appointment, but in certain situations, it is essential. Here are three times when you must contact a dentist immediately:

When You Lose a Tooth

If you have a permanent tooth that falls out for any reason, you need to schedule an emergency dental appointment. There is the risk that the space left by the tooth can become infected, especially if the tooth was lost through trauma. You will also need to consider options for replacing the tooth. Whether or not you are in pain, an emergency dental appointment will be important. And the sooner you can get with a Delray Beach Dentist the better off your tooth, and your overall health will be over the long run

When You Have Tooth Pain

Severe tooth pain is a sign of a major problem with your tooth. And the longer the problem is left untreated, the worse the damage will be. The only way to find out what is causing the pain and what you can do to stop it is to schedule an emergency dental appointment. You will want to receive treatment as soon as you possibly can, because if the tooth pain is caused by an infection, it can put the health of your whole body at risk. Come in for an emergency dental appointment even if you can tolerate the pain or if it is mostly manifested as swelling.

When You Lose a Filling

Sometime fillings just fall out naturally. Sometime they fall out because of a trauma. No matter what causes it, you should make an emergency dental appointment as soon as you can. Fillings are designed to cover up parts of the tooth that should not be exposed to the elements. That means as long as the filling is missing, your tooth is vulnerable. An emergency dental appointment can help you reach a resolution a lot faster.

Not every dentist is able or eager to schedule an emergency dental appointment on your schedule. But the team at Florida Dental Rejuvenation is. Contact our office at anytime by calling 561-203-4716.