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3 Signs You Must Schedule an Emergency Root Canal Appointment


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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that dentists use to save badly decayed or broken teeth. The process involves removing the nerve ending and pulp inside your tooth. You need an emergency root canal if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Unbearable pain: You should not sit and suffer waiting for an appointment with a dentist. Schedule an emergency root canal immediately.
  2. Sensitivity: A change in sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures could be a sign of a serious dental issue.
  3. Tender gums: Tender gums are usually a sign of infection.

You are probably not eager to spend any more time than you have to in a dentist’s chair. And it can be awfully tempting to put off booking an appointment even though you know you’re overdue. This is understandable. But it’s important to realize that in certain situations, you must see a doctor as soon as you possibly can. Watch out for three signs that you need to make an emergency root canal appointment immediately.

You Experience Dental Pain

If you suddenly have pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw that was not there before, you should make a root canal appointment. Dental pain rarely goes away on its own. And while pain does not necessarily mean you need a root canal appointment, it does mean you need to see a doctor. If left untreated, the pain is likely to get a lot worse, making it hard to sleep, work, or relax. And in the worst case scenario, the problems affecting your mouth can spread to other parts of your body.

Your Teeth Become Sensitive

Teeth are naturally sensitive to things like hot and cold temperatures and sugars. But if your teeth suddenly become more sensitive than they normally are, a root canal appointment is necessary. A doctor can check out your teeth and determine what is causing them to react the way they are. A root canal might be in order, or it might not. The only way to know is by sitting down with a doctor. Don’t expect the sensitivity to go away until you do.

Your Gums Become Tender

The reason you make a root canal appointment immediately is because there is an infection in your mouth that will spread without medical attention. A reliable indicator of an infection is an unusual tenderness in the gums. You may notice this when you are brushing and flossing, eating and drinking, or simply running your teeth over your gums. Making a root canal appointment can tell you how concerned you need to be about this tenderness and how to best pursue a solution.

The time to make a root canal appointment is now, not later. When it comes to an infection in the mouth, hours really matter. Work with a team prepared to provide the attention and assistance you need right when you need it. Make a root canal appointment at Florida Dental Rejuvenation by calling 561-203-4716.